Techniques That Will Make Your Video A Must Watch

Have you ever heard about Video SEO?

Video SEO means Video Search Engine Optimization. It’s the new marketing trend strategy for companies, reaching out to all the viewers and converting them into leads with Video SEO techniques to make you a true content warrior.

One of the best ways for your company to service each potential customer is by Video SEO. In today’s evolving world, getting new customers can sometimes be a struggle because their peers are freelancing on sites like TaskRabbit or Fiverr instead of advertising their goods.

Consumers want something unique and thoughtful that is specifically tailored just for them—and this includes how they find you.

Luckily, video can give you everything you need at your fingertips, even without leaving home. This article outlines many different strategies to rank higher on search engines such as Google, YouTube, and Bing. They were showing that video SEO may be the essential product for selling products online.


What are the ranking factors?

Choose your topic 

  • Choosing your topic for your videos is a significant factor. Think of an issue that will catch the interest of your viewers. By using this topic regularly in your videos, it will help to create more traffic.

Get a Catchy Title

  • Make sure your title is engaging. It is a must, but it’s essential to do every video you upload to your channel.
  • Use keywords in your title, it will increase people searching YouTube with those key phrases finding your content and help you get more traffic.

Create an impressive 10 minutes long-form video today

  • Create a 10 minutes high-quality video using high graphics, fonts, colors, and multimedia. Viewers like to watch videos with high-quality pictures.
  • The more views your video has, the better the ranking. Youtube, Facebook video and other video platforms consider the time managed of your video. In this way, it will increase relevance in your video. And it will automatically give you the authority every time someone search for your video or related videos.

Create Intros that are engaging to viewers

  • You’ve probably heard that your first 15 seconds are the most important. But what does that mean? It means you need to get people to interest in those first few moments of your video; otherwise, they might click away and never come back. And it doesn’t matter if you have a great product or service – if no one watches your videos, then no one will buy from you either.
  • So how do we get people to watch our videos? Tell your audience what this video is all about. Considering what you accomplished, how has your experience helped you understand the topic better than anyone else and what you have researched about this topic so far? And give them another subject related to your case for them to continue watching your video.

Feedback time

  • At the end of your video, ask them to subscribe and give some feedback because videos with many likes, shares, and comments have more weight than those without any opinions expressed by viewers. YouTube wants to see people interacting with your video too. It also helps show YouTube that people are viewing your content, so it gets more exposure. In this way, youtube will optimize your video and put you on top of the list or the first list.


Your video is a powerful marketing tool. If you want to improve your organic rankings, make sure that it’s compelling and engaging from the get-go. The techniques we’ve discussed will help you create an irresistible ranking factor in no time. We hope these tips are resourceful and helped inspire some ideas for growing your business with videos on social media. Give your comment to us, any questions or comments below, and we’ll be happy to answer them ASAP. Thanks for reading.